Women's Fashion Online Checkout Usability Report

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A beautiful Polly Luxe Trench, 30% off, for $99? Awesome! Buy Now!

My log in information? I’m a new customer. I’ll just check out as a guest.

No guest checkout? I just want that Trench, its winter! Never mind, I’ll just buy somewhere else.

Sounds familiar? We’ve all been there – a site asks for log in information and so we leave. But did you know that there are other factors that can give your customers a bad online checkout experience?

Beyond the log in page, your customer’s buying decision is affected by site speed, site design, coupons and deals, shipping, payment and security, and the list goes on. With so many brands having an ecommerce store, it doesn’t take a lot to turn off your customers and make them head to your competitors.

It all boils down to simplicity and relevancy. The more barriers you put on your pages, the less likely your customers will complete their purchase. This report helps you design a seamless and efficient checkout experience that ensures your customers complete their purchases the first time they’re in your website.

Women’s Fashion Online Checkout Usability Report

This is the fourth Checkout Usability Report from FIRST. In this report, FIRST reviewed the checkout pages and processes of ten Australian retailers in the women’s fashion online industry. This report explores how these retailers are using different critical conversion elements which are valuable for providing good customer checkout experience and improving conversion rates. Insights and recommendations for optimising the checkout process that keep customers well informed and focused at each step of the process are discussed in the report.

Additionally, FIRST used its bespoke Conversion Experience Scoring (CXS) methodology, to evaluate and score each ecommerce site based on the conversion best practices on its checkout pages. The sites were further ranked against each other to find out who’s leading in having good checkout processes in the women’s fashion online industry.

Analysed Ecommerce Sites

Women’s Fashion Online Retailers Rankings

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Checkout Page Element Section Score Rankings

Womens Fashion Online CRO Industry Report section ranking

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Some Report Findings

  • Just Jeans took the lead in having most of the conversion elements on its checkout pages compared to the other retail sites. It was closely followed by Portmans. Lagging behind were the rest of the sites with CXS scores of less than 70%.
  • 4 out of 10 sites did not have a clearly defined progress indicator. There was still room for improvement in making the process more clear and appear simple. This can include a step or state change to highlight which step of the checkout process customers are currently in. You can include a change state on rollover or highlight the breadcrumb trail.
  • Only 5 out of 10 sites were mobile and tablet responsive. With more online purchases coming from smart phones and tablets, it’s more important than ever that your site uses responsive design practices that help your customers complete their purchase faster and with less tedious scrolling.
  • Only Witchery, Birdsnest, Sportscraft, Jeanswest and Saba included the original prices for sale items. None of the retail sites indicated how much the customer saved. Even if your customers already know that they’re purchasing something on sale, reminding them of their savings can reassure them that they are getting a good deal from you and prevent them from thinking twice about completing the purchase.
  • and more!

Get the critical conversion elements of the checkout pages from this checkout usability report and start optimising your checkout processes for maximum conversions. 

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