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Dymocks is one of Australia’s most established and best known brands, founded 136 years ago. With more than 60 physical stores across Australia and over 10 million books sold last year, the company holds the crown of Australia’s leading bookseller.

With the goal of improving its online user experience, increasing online revenue and driving more customers to the physical stores, Dymocks partnered with FIRST for a customer-centric omnichannel strategy to encourage customers to purchase in store and online.

The FIRST Conversion Rate Optimisation Process

To increase engagement and conversion rate, FIRST conducted qualitative research to understand customer behaviour and customer usability by talking to a reflective cross section of the bookseller’s target market, mapped against existing segmentation data from the Dymocks marketing team.

Using a methodical approach to testing and optimising conversions, quantitative analytical insights was combined with the qualitative research to have a complete view of the customers’ buying journey. This involved looking at specific customer needs and creating ways to provide a better online experience and to nurture them into becoming high value customers.

Better Experience, Better Results

From the research and insights gained, FIRST made recommendations prioritised in order of the potential financial uplift they would bring to the site. Overall results of some of the tests included:

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Download the case study now

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