FIRST Drives 262% Facebook Fan Growth for Serato


Social media marketing

Increased likes, improved click-through and conversion rate also reduce cost per click. See how Serato introduced itself to the DJ’ing community via Facebook.


Serato creates world leading audio software for professional DJs and musicians. Serato is based in New Zealand and has partnerships with many highly regarded hardware, software and record industry companies worldwide.

Serato has a very loyal following and strong brand presence in the international DJ’ing community. It made total sense to engage with DJ’ing fans at places where they ‘hand out online’ and Facebook represents one of a few obvious choices.

Acquire and Connect

The main objective was to introduce Serato to the Djing community and through a discovery phase, grow Serato’s fan base. By engaging with Fans on Facebook, Serato is able to interact more closely, communicate more efficiently and strengthen its relationship with a loyal, ‘like-minded’ community.

Through Facebook Advertising, Serato is able to introduce & extend its reach into the DJ’ing community and connect with fans from all over the world. FIRST was tasked with improving the performance of the existing Facebook Advertising campaign by increasing ‘likes’ while reducing cost per acquisition. A lofty initial target of 100k likes was set which would be a great achievement for NZ based company.


Serato has a very loyal following and strong brand presence in the international DJing community. It made total sense to engage with DJing fans at places where they ‘hang out online’, and Facebook was the right platform to use.

The objectives were:

  • To increase Facebook likes
  • To improve Click-through-rates (CTR)
  • To reduce Cost-per-click (CPC)
  • To improve conversion rates (Facebook likes per click)


To achieve the set outcomes, FIRST continually optimised around 3 key areas. Our aim was to match the right market, with the right message, at the right time.

First, we wanted to ensure that the ads were targeting the right audience (DJ Specific). What is great about Facebook advertising is the ability to define targeting parameters based on users ‘likes & interests’. This is very powerful and if done correctly can yield exceptional results. We continually tweaked our targeting to appeal to a DJ specific audience.

Secondly, we focused on making sure the ads conveyed the right message. Our aim here was to match our message as closely as we can to our market. We continually optimised the ads to first capture the attention of our market and secondly to convey some value or benefit and entice the audience to click through find out more.

Lastly, we wanted to maximise the desired outcome once the visitor arrived on the Facebook page by presenting an appealing offer or reason to act, which in this case was to increase the ‘likes’ received. By experimenting with different creative, message, tone and calls to action (like-gate split testing) we were able to influence a greater amount of likes from the same number of visitors.


With the aim of matching the right message to the right target audience at the right time, FIRST was able to drive the following results for Serato:

Increased likes from 38,820 to over 102,000

Tripled the ad click-through rate (CTR)

Halved the cost per click (CPC)

Halved the cost per like (CPL)


Serato empowers beginner and Pro DJ’s alike from all over the world by continuing to produce and innovate with leading digital DJ software. Because if this, they have a very loyal and strong following.

Facebook provides a platform whereby Serato can introduce new fans to their products while building and strengthening their current relationship with existing fans.

“As a direct result of working with FIRST, our Facebook advertising performance has improved significantly and we have been able to grow and connect with more Serato fans while improving our return on advertising spend.”

– Shereen O’Donnell – Director of Marketing