Gaining FAQ Visibility with Schema Markup


SEO – Schema Markup via Google Tag Manager

The Challenge

Resene’s website offers a wealth of knowledge in FAQ format. The website currently has 2 sections with a significant amount of content in the Question & Answer format, however, these were not being crawled by search engines and were not ranking for keywords.

The client wanted to see how we can take advantage of the Color Experts section and the Paint Experts section to serve as FAQ content in the search engines.

Increasing Search Engine Organic Visibility

Our objective was to increase search engine organic visibility by increasing the real estate occupied by our listings as well as ranking for additional keywords. This was to be done by marking up the questions and corresponding answers so an FAQ dropdown becomes visible for Resene search results.

Using Google Tag Manager to Automate the Markup Process

Schema markup is normally done manually. FIRST provides the code to be implemented on individual pages. However, there was a massive amount of questions and answers in the target pages – an estimate of 20,000 Q&A sets were spread out over 200 URLs. Using inline schema for this type of project would mean adding a huge piece of code on the html file of each URL – potentially slowing down the page and affecting usability and page speed, thereby also impacting the page’s ability to rank.

The team at FIRST Digital worked on a solution that automates the process by creating Javascript code on GTM to retrieve the questions and answers on each page and looping it such that the code was automatically generated and FAQs were marked up via Google Tag Manager.

The Results

The optimisation change immediately had a positive impact on impressions, clicks and CTR for Resene. Over the following 6 months, the FAQs produced the following:

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– Average of 35,000 impressions monthly
– Additional 2,000 clicks to the website each month
– Average Clickthrough Rate of 5%