A fresh new platform for an emerging brand.

OneChoice Insurance

Website UXD and Interface Design

OneChoice… Insurance for Kiwis

OneChoice is a new Insurance brand launched in New Zealand by Greenstone Financial.

The primary objective of OneChoice is to empower New Zealanders to safeguard their financial security and enhance the quality of life for their families. The brand offers convenient access to premium insurance products, and is dedicated to making the insurance process simple, transparent, and easily accessible.

As a newly established brand, OneChoice required a comprehensive website and design for the insurance quote application, and purchasing process. To fulfill this need, Greenstone Financial enlisted the assistance of FIRST. We utilised a similar structure to the Australian Seniors Insurance website we had previously designed for the Greenstone team.

Interface Design
Prototype Build
Brand Design

What we did

FIRST was tasked with creating a comprehensive brand identity and guidelines for OneChoice Insurance. The team conducted extensive research and analysis to identify key market trends and consumer preferences within the insurance industry. With this information, we developed a brand strategy that would effectively communicate the value proposition of OneChoice to its target audience.

In the next phase of the project, the FIRST team focused on developing a robust information architecture and website templates that would support the user journeys and optimise the user experience. Utilising a mobile-first approach, we created a suite of template designs that were responsive and adaptable to all content requirements.

To ensure a seamless integration of the design into the website, the FIRST team collaborated closely with the in-house development team at Greenstone Financial. The collaboration resulted in the successful implementation of the designs and the provision of a complete interface kit that included the design of a suite of icons to complement the content. The final product is a visually appealing and user-friendly website that effectively communicates the value proposition of OneChoice Insurance to its target audience.

The OneChoice website has been live and successfully generating customers and positivity in the NZ market for 2 years. This website has become the benchmark for Greenstone products and brands moving forward.