Animating the story for easy understanding.


Animation and video editing

MyBond is an exciting new startup in the financial services sector. The product is very simple but often the most simple product still requires a good explanation in order for its customers to get comfortable with applying for the service.

Animation & Editing

Please explain

FIRST was briefed to produce a set of explainer videos that could also be adjusted to act as social posts and YouTube advertising. The animations needed to quickly and clearly articulate the service.

FIRST worked with the client to craft the initial script including looking at variations for different video lengths. Concept designs were delivered and iterated until a look and feel was established. The chosen style was implemented into a complete visual storyboard.

Once the style was established FIRST animated in time to the voiceover and audio track with a strong focus on clearly conveying the experience of the product.

FIRST produced a set of animations that explain the MyBond service in both short and long-form across a variety of sizes and formats for publication across multiple platforms.

FIRST will conceptualise, script and produce animations for websites, presentations and other platforms. This can also include the production of voiceover and custom audio.