What’s the best Credit Card for my needs?

CLIENT: Finder Credit Cards  |  PROJECT: Voice Assistant

Since its early days of focusing on providing Australia’s best financial product comparison service to its current global status as a preeminent place to compare so many more of the products everyone needs, FINDER has always been at the cutting edge of technology.

What Finder wanted

Finder is a trusted business helping Australians make better decisions about the products they choose. They wanted their first excursion into the Voice space to be above all useful for their clients.

The real challenge was to take their most well-known service offering, credit card comparison, into the voice space and ensure it was as useful and as practical a solution as their website was. In addition we had to demonstrate the breadth of available products and provide relevant suggestions to customer inputs into the process.

What FIRST built

By merely talking to the Finder Assistant customers can search for credit card offers based on their needs (low rate, high points, longer payment terms) or can simply browse the features of popular cards.

In addition complex and often brand specific terminology is debunked in a way consistent with Finder’s ethos and tone of voice.

But it is not all warm and fuzzy interactions. The Finder assistant does achieve another very important goal- it guides the user to the conversion point. However, in this case by providing information about their chosen card and sending a convenient email when requested by the customer – it’s a conversion on the users terms further entrenching Finder as the most useful comparison tool on the market independent of the medium the interaction is conducted in.

“This is just the first stage of a strategy to bring Finder products to our customers in a voice first environment. First helped us achieve this first step towards a big strategic vision and will be there for the next steps too!”
– WIOLETA KAWECKA, Head of Digital Marketing