Improving customer experience in-store through an interactive self-serve solution and wayfinding map.

CLIENT: Dymocks  |    PROJECT: In-store kiosk

As part of its plan to improve its in-store shopping experience, Dymocks engaged First to develop a software for kiosks that will assist customers in locating and providing information for in-stock products.

A better way to find what you want

A large proportion of customers shopping in Dymocks stores come in with a specific product in mind who want to locate it as quickly as possible. Knowledgeable staff, available stock and an accessible, ordered store are critically important to this. Current methods of searching and the number of staff affect how well customers can find their desired product.

The challenge was to create an easy-to-use searching experience for customers in-store within the constraints of a stand-up kiosk. Possibly the biggest challenge of all was ensuring a book title or product, once found, can then be located within the store via the store map.

Browse for what you want, locate it in-store

First integrated Dymocks’ stock and inventory management system into a custom-built online catalogue and directory. The data is then segmented by products available within the specific store, so that customers are only shown what’s currently available within the store they’re visiting.

The kiosk lets customers browse easily through the store stock, categories, bestselling products, new releases and more. Once they’ve found what they’re looking for, they can choose to view where the product is located within the store.

Customers are also shown relevant recommendations based on the item they’re searching for, which has proven to be a valuable tool to customers who were either browsing or searched for a product that was not available, as well as top-selling products.

Big hit with customers and in-store staff

The in-store kiosk has proven to be efficient for shoppers and staff to locate the items they’re looking for – as well as increasing customer service satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Dymocks customers have reported that Bookfinder has made it easier for them to check if a product is available, find where it is located and consider alternative or additional items.