The Discover Fiji portal was a visual attraction SEO solution for a backend technology problem.

CLIENT: Fiji Airways  |  PROJECT: Online travel portal

What Fiji Airways had

The Fiji Airways site was basically 100% transactional (selling flights and holidays). There was not enough discoverable content leading to low search volumes around their key offerings of Fiji flights and accommodation. In addition, the technology set up was near impossible for any new content to be added to the site to improve its performance in the SERPs. FIRST needed to find a solution that improved the website’s performance without touching the site itself. A strange problem indeed.

Our proposition

Having identified the users of the current site as those at the end of the purchase funnel, FIRST proposed a new content hub for those who were in the discovery phase of their holiday research. In this way FIRST could employ an up-to-date technology stack independent of the legacy IT issues.

What FIRST delivered

Using the Kentico platform, FIRST built a visually attractive, content-rich website that was fully responsive; from handheld devices up to large desktop resolutions. The site contains over 260 pages of content that includes interactive maps, a trip planner, destination information, dynamic accommodation listings, travel tips and, for the first time, user-generated content.

A UX and site architecture was developed that allowed for staged production roll outs without the site seeming “under construction” at any point in time.

Fiji Airways now has a solution to attract potential customers — before they simply purchased flights — with a portal that showcases the amazing holiday destination that is Fiji.

Technology solution

Kentico was the Content Management System selected for the new Discover Fiji portal primarily because of the ease of use for non-technical staff managing the site day to day.

FIRST implemented a comprehensive style guide and a set of templates to allow content creators to quickly and easily manage the site while ensuring the ongoing integrity of the look and feel and functionality of the site.