Bringing to life the fine dining experience.

Amber Hospitality

Responsive Website

FIRST relishes the opportunity to take a simple brief and make something really lovely as a result.

The Amber Hospitality site was one such example. A new business formed to manage the setup of high-end luxury dining restaurants around the world, Amber Hospitality required a website that reflected the same high standards they were seeking to achieve in their restaurant builds.

What we did

FIRST worked with the Amber team to design a logo, associated colour palette and brand guide. The website design incorporated lush colours and rich video to bring the experience of eating at one of the landmark restaurants to life.

FIRST set up a fresh WordPress site then designed and implemented a custom theme. Videos were added as background textural elements to enhance the overall flavour of the site. Along with rich video elements, subtle animations were included lending an overall elegance to the browsing experience.

FIRST works with companies to design and implement beautiful, practical and cost-effective WordPress sites. We will help define the possibilities for your brand through Research and competitor Market Analysis followed by robust User Experience Design process. We can bring your business to life online.