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Did you know that more Kiwi mums access Facebook everyday than most teens and young adults? So, if your mum hasn’t already, she’ll probably try to friend you.



On a daily basis, 82% of Kiwi mums access Facebook while 81% of those aged 16-24 years old access Facebook in New Zealand. Read on to find out more about how Kiwis are using Facebook these days.


2015 Facebook NZ Demographics and Usage

According to Nielsen, back in 2012, Facebook has a unique audience of over 2.7 million Kiwis who visit the site making it the top ranking social media site in New Zealand. With 80% percent of the online New Zealand population visiting the Facebook site, New Zealand has the highest proportion of the online population who visit the social networking site in comparison to Australia (74%), the US (69%) and the UK (68%).

So, how many Kiwis are on Facebook and how are they using it in 2015?

To update our last year’s post on the 2014 Facebook NZ Demographics and Insights, here are some interesting developments and statistics for 2015.

We prepared an infographic that will walk you through the key 2015 Facebook NZ Demographics and Statistics – usage and trends, based on a study conducted by Nielsen as commissioned by Facebook.

NZ Facebook Demographics and Usage Statistics Infographic





The numbers speak clearly: More and more Kiwis are using Facebook and this platform remains a critical part of any successful social media marketing strategy.

Website ranking data shows that Facebook is the third most popular site in New Zealand next to and Needless to say, more businesses are spending more, moving their budgets away from traditional advertising platforms, and increasing their social spending. Why? Because Facebook Advertising gives you the opportunity to engage at a deeper level with your target audience.

Over the years, Facebook has improved its targeting and tracking capabilities and developed an advanced analytics back-end to ensure marketers get good returns on their advertising spend. New features are constantly introduced for more laser-focused ads such as conversion lift to better measure the impact that Facebook ads have in driving businesses; and product ads to advertise the right products to the right people.




… to grow your business through Facebook Advertising? You should be – as we’ve shown above, Facebook is a powerful and effective advertising platform.

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