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Looking for a film recommendations based on your own personal tastes and interests? Check out Yahoo’s new personalised movie recommendations, launched today.

Movie recommendations from Yahoo! movies provides personalised recommendations for both current and past films playing in theaters, on TV or on DVD/video. It’s easy to use—simply enter your age range and gender (this is optional, but can help focus the recommendations you receive), indicate whether you lean more toward Hollywood-type or independent films, and rate a few movies that you’ve already seen.

Ratings are letter grades from A to F, and you can make them even more fine-grained by adding a plus or minus to the grade. Once you’ve completed this simple process, you’re presented with recommended movies showing at your local theaters and on your local television stations.

Each movie recommendation comes with a number of options. You can click on the title of the movie to get its full Yahoo movies profile, including an overview of the film, cast and credits, trailers and clips and other useful information. You’re also presented with ratings from both Yahoo users and movie critics, allowing you to see at a glance how each group rated the movie.

If you’ve already seen the movie, you can rate it on the spot, and any time the movie is recommended to you again you’ll see your own rating. Don’t want to see the film again? Click the “don’t recommend again” link.

How good are the recommendations? Quite good, actually. I’m an avid Netflix subscriber, and I’ve often been disappointed with the recommendations I’ve received from the company, even after rating hundreds of films. By contrast, the movies recommended by Yahoo uniformly caught my interest, even after rating just a few films. As with most recommendation services, the more you use them the better they tend to get, so if the recommendations continue to be good I’ll certainly continue using Yahoo’s service.

Another nice feature is the ability to add recommended movies to lists. You can create lists of favorite movies, movies you plan to see, movies you own—just about any type of list you desire.