“Do you know which of your products or services are most popular online or how people buy them?”Access the search data of millions of searchers and understand what products and services are in high demand, which popular search phrases and topics have low levels of competition and how people use the Internet as part of their buying process.

What Is Search Phrase Research?

he most commonly used method is to keep the_content() template tag and insert a quicktag called more into your post at your desired “cut-off” point.

The quicktags are the little buttons found above the editing window in your Administration > Write > Post SubPanel. They include bold, italic, links, and others, and the famous more. Put your cursor where you want to end the excerpted content of your post and click the more quicktag button. It will insert a code at that point that looks like this:

and I told him that he should get moving or I’d be
on him like a limpet. He looked at me with shock on
his face and said

The rest of the post continues, but when viewed on the non-single/non-permalink web page such as archives, categories, front page, and searches, the post is shown as an excerpt to the more point.

First Rate analyses over 350 million recent searches to identify all the relevant phrases used by your target audience. This research is used to understand how customers are using the web to search for your products and services. It will also identify the amount of online competition for any given phrase or topic.

Use Search Phrase Research To:

  • Identify popular search phases
  • Identify opportunity phrases
  • Identify products to prioritise
  • Identify content in demand
  • Perform competitor analysis
  • Find new business opportunities

How Search Phrase Research Works

  1. Millions of users around the world use search engines. First Rate buys search data from a number of sources.

Features Of Search Phrase Research

The following are identified and analysed during the search phrase research process:

  • Search phrase demand
  • Search phrase competition
  • Search phrase opportunities
  • User behaviour
  • Competitors search phrases
  • Industry search phrases
  • Searchers success rate
  • Search phrase rankings
  • Optimisation recommendations
  • Advertising recommendations
  • Content recommendations
  • 350+ million searches analysed
  • Local data sources
  • International data sources
  • Search phrase traffic reporting
  • Search phrase conversion

The Search Phrase Research Process

Typical Outcomes

  • Focus efforts on most popular products or services
  • Refine site content to match users behaviour
  • Target traffic with little competition
  • Identify best tactics to reach target audience