Google Customer Match: A New Great Opportunity to Retarget Your Customers


What is Customer Match?

Early in October this year, Google launched Customer Match, an anticipated product feature in AdWords that allows advertisers to upload email lists to target customers or prospects in their database by email where the email address is linked to a Google account. This offers advertisers great opportunities to re-engage with their customers and make the most out of their email databases.


Facebook’s Custom Audiences is no longer the only way to target via email. With Google Customer Match, advertisers can re-engage their target audience in Google Search, YouTube or Gmail with various formats, text ads, videos and GSPs (Google Sponsored Promotions). To expand the target audience, advertisers can also generate Similar Audiences who have similar interests and characteristics of their target audience.


You might be asking…

How can I get the most out of Google Customer Match campaigns? Which type of campaigns best suit my business – is it paid search, YouTube, Gmail or all of the three? Which ad format can get a better response from my target audience? Should I promote new products/services or special offers that are just for my target audience?


Next steps

To answer all of those questions, you need to have a clear goal on what you want to achieve, whether it is increasing conversions or increasing brand awareness. Once the goal is set, the next step is to segment the email lists into different target audiences. For instance, online retailers can segment the email lists of their existing customers based on their previous purchase behaviour like frequency of purchase, the average order value, products purchased etc.

Once the goal is set and audience segmented, advertisers can then decide on the following:

  • which type of customer match campaign to run
  • which type of ads format to use
  • what offer or message is to be included in the ads

… all appealing to the target audience in ways that are most relevant to their intent and needs.

If the business goal is to increase brand awareness and promote the new launched products, you can run YouTube video campaigns to get the message out and paid search campaigns that target keyword variations of your new products to ensure you present in front of your targeted customers in your email database while they are searching for products similar to what you offer.

If the business goal is to increase sales as an ecommerce business, you can run a GSP campaign to present the promotions that could be interesting to your target audience in your email database based on their purchase history especially the customers who haven’t opted in your email newsletter/ list. In addition to GSP campaigns, paid search campaigns that target keywords of particular or similar products your target audience purchased previously with the latest promotion could be another effective way to re-engage with your customers and encourage them for repeat purchase.


FIRST are adwords experts

There are plenty of ways to design your campaigns, just be clear on what you want to achieve, optimise bids and creative and test, test, test to ensure the success of your campaigns. If you’re interested in taking your ad campaigns to a whole new level of personalisation and connect with your customers in the most relevant ways, contact our team at FIRST today for a free no-obligation quote.