During 2005 we encountered a lot of demand from advertisers, publishers and agencies for new ways to place, run and pay for online advertising campaigns. There was a lot of interest in “cost per click” (CPC), “cost per lead” (CPA) and “cost per sale” (CPS) models.

This demand has been stimulated by overseas trends that now sees these forms of ad payment set to out strip the more traditional CPM rate card. Of course much of the CPC market is being driven by Google, Yahoo and MSN Search.

The Performance Network is not about replacing CPM or “by the week” campaigns as we see this market continuing to grow strongly. However there are an increasing number of advertisers now familiar with CPC and non traditional creative (text ads, XML feeds) and these advertisers are keen to expand their online advertising activity.

The Performance Network is therefore aiming to grow online advertising spend by offering advertisers new options in terms of creative and payment structures. The Performance Network will be a new and complementary option along side traditional “by the week” display campaigns.

There are also major advantages for publishers looking to increase their website and webpage yield by integrating new ad formats and advertorial content as well as product feeds. These new ad formats will add additional revenue streams and content while enhancing the usefulness of the site to the end user.

As publishers can pull campaigns whenever they wish and run them in any location and for any period of time occupancy rates are always 100%.

The Performance Network Overview

Advertisers & Publishers in Partnership

  • Advertisers only pays what the advertising is worth to them using one of 4 metrics (view, click, lead or sale)
  • Advertisers effectively compete with each other resulting in the evolution of an industry remuneration rate set by the market
  • Publishers choose which advertisers they would like to promote based on relevancy and attractiveness of offer
  • Publishers choose placement, duration and frequency
  • Publishers choose from a range of creatives; text ads, HTML ads and pages, rich media ads, email ads, and XML product feeds.
  • The performance advertiser revenue complements rate card advertiser revenue and ensures inventory return is maximised

Overview for Publishers

  • You can see EPC (earnings per click) and campaign history (clicks and sales) so you can intelligently only advertise the highest paying campaigns.
  • A wide variety of lead, impression based, and click campaigns to choose from for your web site or newsletters.
  • Banner rotation technology where, with one code, all the banners you select are rotated on your site.
  • Includes eCPM optimisation and advanced filters.
  • Leading advertisers providing quality text and display ads.
  • Single payment per month from the network covering all advertisers and campaigns run.
  • ‘Private’ campaigns support, not visible to other publishers
  • Login Management

How It Works

Advertisers can load CPM, CPC, CPA or CPS campaigns onto the network. Creative includes GIF, JPEG, FLASH, HTML, TEXT, CSV FEEDS, XML FEEDS and Co-Registration forms. Publishers can then search the network and select ads they would like to run. Agencies can also load campaigns and publishers can even load their own advertisers as “Private” campaigns which only they can see.

First Rate launch

Publisher “Pull” Campaigns

  • Search for and select campaigns
  • Campaign Type
  • Campaign Category
  • Creative Type & Size Ad performance is displayed
    • EPC (earnings per click)
    • Number of Clicks
    • Number of Leads
    • Gross Sales
  • Create Ad Pools Rotate selected ads Frequency Capping Display based on time or day
  • Automatically optimise to maximise eCPM (earning per thousand)
  • Automatically optimise to maximise CTR
  • Automatically remove poor CTR ads
  • Country ad serving

Reporting for Publishers

  • Real Time Reporting
  • Impressions
  • Clicks & CTR
  • Leads
  • Sales
  • EPC
  • Total Earnings
  • Creative Performance
  • Deployment Performance (same creative different location)

Advertisers Only Pay for Results

  • Define your KPIs & place a value on them
  • Pay per View (CPM 1,000 banner impressions)
  • Pay per Click (CPC cost per click)
  • Pay per Lead (CPA cost per action/acquisition e.g. enquiry, download, registration)
  • Pay per Sale (fixed fee, % or product specific)
  • Tiered Payment Structures (effective publishers get higher commission/rate)
  • Offer Special Promotions (High performing publishers win prizes for their team)