“During the first half of 2003 paid search grew by 300% while the rest of online ad spend dropped by 14%.”

What Is Search Engine Advertising?

Search Engine Advertising is the placement of small text advertisements on search engines. Google Adwords and Overture Search are the two most well known players.

Why Use Search Engine Advertising?

Search Engine Advertising improves your return on investment from online advertising by only displaying your ads to people who are actively looking for your product or service. The placement and creative is triggered by the search phrase the user enters into the search engine and as a result, costs are low and click through and conversion rates are very high.

When To Use Search Engine Advertising

  • ROI Marketing
  • Brand Building
  • Long Term Revenue Generation
  • Short Term Promotions
  • Market Test Campaigns
  • Supplements Optimisation

How Search Engine Advertising Works

Search Engine Advertising Features

  • Low cost per visit
  • Low cost per conversion
  • Performance based advertising (CPC)
  • Market sets CPC
  • Traffic is pre-qualified
  • High click-through rates
  • High conversion
  • Country placement filters
  • Language placement filters
  • Live creative optimisation
  • Real time ad creative control
  • Real time placement control
  • Real time budget control

The Search Engine Advertising Process