Magento SoftwareMarin Software is a revenue acquisition management platform for marketers through online advertising. The web-based platform allows marketers to manage paid search, display, mobile and social media marketing campaigns.

Here’s a list of five things you should know about Marin Software.

  1. Compatible with a variety of systems – Marin works seamlessly with a variety of systems that your business may already have in place eg, tracking, analytics, eCommerce systems.
  2. Intelligent reporting and analytics – automated reporting and alerts can easily be set up within the software. Marin lets users set up alerts to monitor any drops and spikes in campaign performances, as well as regular analyses reports.
  3. Cross-publisher editing – no need to create campaigns from scratch every time. Marin lets users make changes across multiple publishers; create, modify and replicate campaigns in bulk. The software also makes it easy to find and replace text in creative, as well as change geo-targeting.
  4. Forecasting – Marin forecasts “what if” scenarios. So if you were to change bidding targets, Marin will inform you how it will affect volume, cost, return on investment and profit.
  5. Predictive bidding – rather than manually calculating bids, Marin’s predictive bidding combines algorithmic automation with user controls to adapt bids in the constantly changing market. This tool adapts quickly to seasonality, competitive market conditions and any shift in business goals.

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