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Google Australia has launched a mobile value calculator that helps users estimate the value of mobile for their business.

The tool, according to Google, helps businesses consider online and offline actions that customers take: from calling a business, downloading an app, in-store purchases, asking for directions on their mobile phone, or doing research across various devices (PC, smartphone, tablet, laptop). Some of these actions may not have been measured yet by a business, so Google has created this tool to give businesses a better understanding of where users are coming from.

“Rethinking conversion paths is not only key to unlocking the full value of mobile, but also to unlocking the full value of digital,” said Google.

How does the calculator work? There are two options: users can import data from Google’s AdWords and from their business’s mobile websites; or by entering the information manually. The tool will then calculate the value of search ads, return on investment and value per click for a campaign.

Google said that while the calculator isn’t perfect, it’s simply a starting point for businesses to realise the impact of mobile.

Jason Pellegrino, director and head of mobile ads at Google Australia, told B&T that the tool was built so users can start considering “how they should be optimising their investment in a multi-screen world”.

It’s a handy tool to find out a consumer’s purchase path and seeing the value of each of those conversions along those paths.

You can also watch Google’s video below on how mobile creates five new paths to purchase.