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FIRST has evaluated three top New Zealand women’s fashion brands to see how they perform against each other in Google Search Ads, Shopping Ads and social media presence. 

Shopper search experience scoring is a methodology used by FIRST to provide a relative measure of the online customer experience. It is a percentage based indication of how well a company uses Google Ads best practices on search and shopping advertising. 

The brands analysed for this industry report are: 

What you’ll learn: 

  • Discover the importance of the relevancy score of ads, keywords and landing pages and how these can lead to lower price and better ad positions. 
  • Understand how three of New Zealand’s women’s fashion online retail websites fare against each other in their paid advertising techniques.
  • Gain actionable insights that you can use when optimising your Google search ads and product listing ads (PLA). 

Key findings from the report: 

  • Of the three brands included in this report, Glassons scored the highest with 77.40% as a result of Google Ads Best Practice implementation. 
  • Remarketing provides brands with a way to re-engage with their past website visitors. There is still a lot of opportunity in this area for the top NZ fashion brands to explore. 
  • All three brands are active in social media. 
  • A digital strategy that integrates both organic and paid search is a key customer acquisition and revenue driver for online fashion retailers. 

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