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FIRST analysed three of  New Zealand’s top women’s fashion brands  to see how they measure against our Google Analytics checklist. Our evaluation of these brands examine how they collect and use data from Google Analytics for their business. We do not have access to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for each brand, which means we could not check the details of their setup and tracking status.

The brands considered for this industry report are: 

What you’ll learn: 

  • Discover the importance of correctly implementing Google Tag Manager snippets
  • Understand how three of New Zealand’s women’s fashion retail brands collect and use data to gain insights into who their customers are and how they behave on the website. 
  • Gain actionable insights that you can use when implementing your own Google Analytics and Tag Manager setup. 

Key findings from the report: 

  • Of the three NZ fashion brands, only Cotton On had an issue with correctly implementing their Google Tag Manager. However, it seems that it is also only Cotton On that has the depth of tracking for each stage of the customer journey that the other two fashion retailers do not have.  
  • Organisations can make the right business decisions with confidence through smarter tracking and deeper analysis of Google Analytics data. 

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