Google Data Studio in NZ



We’ve been waiting for few months but the wait is over today: Data Studio (beta) is finally available for Kiwi Analysts and Marketers. You can stop your VPN subscription now 🙂

You can sign up for free here.

So what’s Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is the free version of Data Studio 360, a data visualization and reporting platform from Google, which has been available in the US since May 25th this year.

The free version let’s you create up to 5 custom reports with unlimited sharing.

Below a template you can find and edit once you sign up:


Google Data Studio report template


Although data sources are still relatively limited (compared to other solutions such as Klipfolio), it plays nicely with Google products (of course) such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords…and it’s free…

Google Data Studio available connectors

From early testing, Data Studio is really intuitive: Select the visualisation type (9 options), click and drag wherever you want to insert it on your sheet and the tool will automatically suggest the dimension and metric. Then you can change them at will, change the style, etc.

Google Data Studio available graphs

Really easy to use, we would recommend it to create and share basic reports – options to select and compare custom timeframes are limited – but it’s still a very good alternative to Google Analytics dashboards (limited to 12 widgets) and custom reports (not so nice to look at).

So have a play and let us know how you go!