Google Analytics Summit 2011

I’ve recently returned from Palo Alto from the Google Analytics Partner Summit. This year the summit was held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View.

Whilst I can’t share any specific information as far as GA is concerned, what I can share is that upcoming changes are going to be big. 🙂

One thing that really impressed me is just how much was being shared with the GACP partners. Furthermore, any concerns or questions raised were addressed and answered on the spot. I’ve come away feeling genuinely excited to be working in the analytics industry on a platform as impressive as Google Analytics.

Another really nice thing was that we also got an update on Google+ and Android. It’s amazing how Google is pulling all this together and it has been a real pleasure hearing directly from the engineers and product managers.

And of course Avinash Kaushik did not disappoint and had the crowd laughing uncontrollably on several occasions.

Given that there isn’t really all that much to see and do in Palo Alto, I spent a couple of days in San Francisco which was excellent. One of the locals whom I met at the Summit showed me around town which was really nice. I even managed to take a pic of the bridge without any fog:

GACP 2011 - San Francisco

Here’s the list of speakers from the 2011 GACP Summit, responsible for draining my laptop battery to near-death levels on both days from all my note-taking:

  • Amy Chang – Global Head of Product, Ads Measurement
  • Dr Phil Mui – Group Product Manager, Google Analytics
  • Paul Muret – Director of Engineering, Analysis Products
  • Sissie Hsiao – Group Product Manager, Cross-Channel Measurement & Attribution
  • Brett Crosby – Director of Product Marketing, Google+
  • Enrique Munoz Torres – Senior Product Manager, Google Analytics
  • Hasan Bakhshi – Director, Creative Industries, NESTA
  • Juan Mateos-Garcia – Creative Industries Research Fellow, NESTA
  • Marc Vanlerberghe – Director of Product Marketing, Mobile & Android
  • Archana Ravichandran – Global Services Manager, Google Analytics
  • Bill Kee – Product Manager, Google Analytics
  • Chao Cai – Engineering Lead, Conversion Tracking & Cross-Channel Attribution
  • Jesse Savage – Product Manager & Privacy Officer, Google Analytics
  • Kerri Jacobs – Team Lead, Google Analytics Sales
  • Lucas Pettinati – Lead User Experience Designer, Google Analytics
  • Matt Ackley – Director of Product Marketing, Media and Platforms
  • Michael Fink – Product Manager, Google Analytics
  • Michal Neufeld – Product Manager, Google Analytics
  • Nick Mihailovski – Senior Developer Programs Engineer, Google Analytics
  • Sagnik Nandy – Engineering Lead, Google Analytics Backend and Infrastructure
  • Shauna Gerry – Team Lead, Google Analytics Account Management
  • Sophie Chesters – Product Marketing Manager, Google Analytics
  • Trevor Claiborne – Product Marketing Manager, Google Analytics
  • Jesse Nichols – Partner Program Manager, Google Analytics
  • Timo Josten – Partner Program Manager, Google Analytics
  • Avinash Kaushik – Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google
  • Justin Cutroni – Director of Digital Intelligence, Cardinal Path
  • Russell Sutton – Managing Director, ConversionWorks
  • Timo Aden – Managing Director, Trakken
  • Juan Manuel Damia – Co-Founder, Intellignos

I’ve learnt a lot and passed on my learnings to the team.

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