Google Analytics Health Check: Is Your Data In Good Shape?


If you’re like most businesses, you accumulate customer data faster than you come up with valuable insights to grow your business. The gap lies in the need for good Analytics.

Data without analytics is useless.


It’s Analytics that helps you make sense of your massive data sets and uncover relevant patterns and trends. Only then can you come up with actionable and powerful insights you can use to identify opportunities for healthy growth.


19 Google Analytics Qualified Individuals Who Can Diagnose & Treat


Here at FIRST NZ, ALL 19 members of our consulting team are now Google Analytics Qualified – from our Account Managers to our AdWords Specialists.

Data and Analytics are core to all we do. We are a Google Analytics Partner and an Analytics 360 reseller. To deliver overall high quality of work and efficiency, we made sure everyone in our team is intimately familiar with Google Analytics, not just our Analytics Specialists.

FIRST’s Analytics consulting services provides you with customised and advanced analytics solutions and tracking framework that cut errors in understanding your data and eliminate the pain of making bad decisions based on incorrect data and not taking immediate action that will improve your business.


Analytics-backed Solutions Every Time


Strategy and Analytics

  • We start with your business goals in mind – to provide customised solutions that are meaningful to you.

  • We turn the performance insights from your web and mobile platforms into actionable ideas that your customers will be excited about.

  • Your ROI is our primary focus. We market your business with real-time measurable results through the most effective communication channels.


Measurement and Analytics

  • You get a Digital Measurement Framework to track and report progress on a specific set of metrics aligned to your goals.

  • We bridge the gap and leverage your online data for smarter offline marketing decisions.

  • Transparency and value guaranteed through – reporting dashboards and Analytics workshops with your internal team.


Media Promotion and Analytics

  • You maximise your media spend per channel through cost-effective and targeted campaigns backed up by a deep understanding of your customers’ behaviour and journey.

  • Analyse, implement, measure, maximise ad optimisation efforts, repeat.

  • We use Google Analytics to segment users to compile AdWords Remarketing audiences and reach your target customers with timely and relevant messaging.


Conversion and Analytics

  • As optimisation experts, we use Google Analytics to understand technical issues, identify barriers to critical conversion paths and A/B test landing pages and visitor flows to improve overall online user experience and drive revenue.

  • The right conversion optimisation strategies for your business – behavioural analysis, heat mapping, A/B testing and other tools to deliver maximum impact on your marketing campaigns.

  • Our culture of responsiveness, testing and refinement will deliver outstanding and continually improving revenue gains from conversion optimisation for your business.


High Quality Data = High Quality Decisions


Most businesses today are working blind – failing to leverage the data at their disposal, missing out on the real value of data-driven insights.

At FIRST, we focus on your business holistically and how each marketing channel works together to achieve your goals. And you’ve got 19 Google Analytics Qualified Individuals who can help you answer the most critical marketing questions such as:

“Is there anything broken?”

“Are you collecting the right data?”

“Can you trust your data?”

“Where are the leaks in your sales funnel?”

Have you been able to make use of your data to drive growth? If not, you might need a Google Analytics Health Check!

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