Google Analytics is one of the widely used and best free analytics tool for tracking your website’s performance.

There are 29,577,978 live websites using Google Analytics. Chances are you own one of those sites.

With a comprehensive set of features and functionalities, Google Analytics can provide you with the fresh data and insights you need to optimise your marketing efforts. But are you using this powerful tool correctly?

80% of retailers are using Google Analytics incorrectly.

Unfortunately, most marketers don’t use Google Analytics to its full potential. Looking at traffic stats, sources and pageviews doesn’t give you the whole picture of what you need to improve your website’s overall performance, generate good content, fine tune your SEO structure and convert your visitors into paying customers.

The primary result of spending time looking at dashboards and statistics is an actionable change to improve your overall marketing strategy. Below is a good infographic from Quick Sprout that walks you through how to take the data from Google Analytics and make adjustments to your site to get more traffic and conversions.


How to Improve Your Marketing with Google Analytics Data


By using Google Analytics correctly, you can dig deeper into your marketing data and gain valuable insights you can use to meet your business goals, understand your customers’ behaviour on your site and provide a seamless end-to-end online experience on your site.

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