FIRST is Now a Google Tag Manager Certified Partner


We’re very pleased to announce that we are officially a Google Tag Manager (GTM) Certified Partner. And as far as we are aware, we are the first in New Zealand to be awarded this partner status.

What could Google Tag Manager do for you?


  • Have more agility, speed and control on your marketing campaigns and deployment of tags and tracking without depending on developers or the IT team
  • Save time by managing all marketing tags in one place
  • Save time on deploying advanced Google Analytics solutions – is often so much easier and faster in GTM – and in return get richer data for greater insights and better decisions

Earning this Partner Certification required deep analytics expertise and evidence of high performing campaigns that utilised GTM to help maximise return on digital investment.

As an early adopter of GTM, we’ve worked with the solution extensively and have customised to clients unique requirements. See what we have done for by downloading our case study.


Our Partnership with Google

In addition to this new Certification we are also a Google Analytics Certified Partner (1 of 3 in NZ) and a Google Analytics Premium Authorized Reseller (1 of 2 in NZ).


FIRST and Google Partnerships


We can help you with any of your Google Analytics needs:


  • Analytics & Measurement Strategies
  • Migration to Tag Manager, Universal Analytics and Enhanced eCommerce
  • Audience insights, website conversion insights, media optimisation
  • Analytics dashboards
  • Analytics for mobile apps
  • Custom-built advanced solutions

… as one-off projects, or to provide ongoing support and analytics leadership for your organisation.

Questions? We’re here to help.

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