Google Analytics 360 Suite


Today, a powerful new Google Analytics suite was announced. The Google Analytics 360 suite.

This combines the old ‘Google Analytics Premium’ and Adometry into a new service and includes a host of other software for enterprise level marketing in a way that has recently been dominated by the adobe marketing cloud.

As noted from Google’s official announcement:

Loaded with six products, four of which are brand-new, the Google Analytics 360 Suite offers easy-to-use tools that enable sharing of data and insights throughout an organization.

  • Google Audience Center 360 (beta). This powerful data management platform (DMP) helps marketers understand their customers and find more like them across channels, devices, and campaigns. It offers native integration with Google and DoubleClick, plus it’s open to third party data providers, DSPs and more.
  • Google Optimize 360 (beta). This website testing and personalization product helps marketers deliver better experiences. Marketers can show consumers multiple variations of their site and then choose the version that works best for each audience.
    This is especially exciting and may challenge the space currently served by If nothing else, Google’s entry here will continue to increase awareness, education and competitiveness for these solutions which is good for businesses.
  • Google Data Studio 360 (beta). A new data analysis and visualization product that integrates data across all suite products and other data sources ― turning it into beautiful, interactive reports and dashboards. Built-in real-time collaboration and sharing is based on Google Docs technology.
    This is also very, very exciting and fills a gap we have seen in the data visualisation market for some time.
  • Google Tag Manager 360. Built from Google’s industry-leading tag management product, it empowers enterprise marketers to move faster and make decisions with confidence. It offers a simplified way to gather site information (all those tiny bits of code) and powerful APIs to increase data accuracy and streamline workflows.
  • Google Analytics 360, formerly known as GA Premium, will roll out exciting new capabilities throughout the next couple of months as investments continue to grow. It will serve as the measurement centerpiece by analyzing customer data from all touch-points and integrating with our ad products to drive marketing effectiveness.
  • Google Attribution 360, formerly known as Adometry, has been rebuilt from the ground up to help advertisers value marketing investments and allocate budgets with confidence. Marketers can analyze performance across all channels, devices, and systems to achieve their most effective marketing mix.

Currently in limited beta, and rolling out through current GA Premium accounts over the next few months, we look forward with anticipation to using it for our clients.

Here is a great overview of the Google Analytics 360 suite from Analytics Pros which is well worth reading too.