Data Visualization with Klipfolio

It is remarkable how many companies still rely on manually collecting, preparing and formatting data for reporting purposes. The disadvantages of such habits are no secret: it takes a lot of time and the risk for human errors is significant.

Data collection is one thing, visualization is another.

Surely it is possible to get the message across using the odd pie-chart but after completing the ‘data prep’ process the information in the graph may already be outdated. Besides this, once the receiver starts to copy, modify and share the physical document with his or her peers the risk for out of date information suddenly becomes very real.

So we have –

1) a genuine need for automation of data sources; and

2) a requirement for secure, transparent distribution of information.

Insights departments are able to focus on the interpretation, extraction and communication of meaning from data (also known as Data Storytelling) when they are freed from data collection – and formatting. Online dashboards allow their clients to have real-time access to the performance of their KPI’s/metrics and therefore lets them have a better understanding of how they are tracking towards their business objectives and goals.

Klipfolio is a platform where insights departments can connect with a seemingly unlimited range of data sources, from Google Analytics/Adwords API’s to Social data from Facebook, LinkedIn and MySQL databases. These datasources can be set to automatically refresh and become the foundation for real-time data visualizations called ‘Klips’. These Klips can be distributed to the client as part of a high-level dashboard or they can be downloaded and used in offline reports.



Visualization using actual data from the Adwords API


Insights departments can decide whether they give their clients view-only access to a dashboard or grant them ‘editing’ rights. Klipfolio can be resold as a white-label solution which would allow agencies to keep control of their user support, communication and customization of the platform.

There are seemingly unlimited possibilities for data manipulation, logic, math and date/time conversions ‘under the hood’ of each Klip. Multiple data sources can be combined and a Klip can be rapidly created by copying and then modifying its source code. Google provides a handy tool for writing Analytics API queries at

Data sources can be easily duplicated from the Library and set to a specific Google Analytics Profile ID. And the Adwords API lets you query its reports using AWQL from the setup screen.


Generic AWQL query for retrieving campaign results

Klipfolio fills in the gap created by the emergence of business analytics which forces companies to make decisions based on what’s happening right now instead of on historical data. It also acknowledges the fact that data is more distributed than ever and that it is a matter of connecting to it rather than collecting it.


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As a Klipfolio partner, FIRST can help you with automating your reporting needs and creating actionable online dashboards that your boss will love.

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