image editing software
Whether you’re after a basic or advanced image editing software, there’s bound to be something in our list that meets your needs.

From basic crops and scaling to filters, layers and effects, the following image editors won’t cost you a thing.

GIMP (the GNU Image Manipulation Program) has more features than most free photo editors, due to its longevity and regular updates since 1996. It can be difficult to learn how to use GIMP so image editing experience will come in handy, but in saying that GIMP does have tutorials and an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) where you can ask for help. The paint tools are a highlight with full layer support and extensions to the program.

Chasys Draw IES has multiple features including strong layer support, intelligent special effects, and colour and lighting adjustments. This program’s versatility enables it to extend beyond images to create animations, labels, icons, cursors and even record videos of computer activity.

PhoXo has a large range of special effects, clipart, filters, text effects, and image masks, as well as the customary cropping, colour adjustments and editing tools. It’s suitable when you want to tweak or fix an image or add that little bit extra to your images with speech bubbles, shadow text and so much more.

VCW Vicman’s Photo Editor has a large variety of painting and editing tools. With just under 100 filters and effects, as well as text, gradient and selection tools, Vicman’s Photo Editor is a handy tool when you want to make quick changes to an image.

Photo Pos Pro has more to it than meets the eye. It has a wide range of paint tools and colour corrections as well as a scripting tool that automates multiple editing tasks. Photo Pos Pro also has unique features such as “magical” effects, which adds fireworks, bubbles, stardust or other types of decorations to your image.

PhotoScape is suited for casual rather than serious image editing. PhotoScape is easy to use and has hundreds of clipart images, the capability to create GIF files, combine multiple images to create one single image, and the customary editing tools for cropping, resizing and so on.

PixBuilder Studio is a digital photo editor with some advanced colour management functions. The software also has blur effects, clone, stamp and healing brush tools to name just a few.  Once a photo has been edited, PixBuilder gives you the option to save as JPG, PNG and GIF.

Paint.NET is suitable for basic image editing, which is perfect if you have next to no experience with image editing. The software lets you edit image layers and has special effects such as blurring, red-eye removal and distortion, as well as colour adjustments. Paint.NET’s online community also provides helpful advice and tutorials.

LazPaint has the same features as Paint.NET as well as image rotation, shapes, filters and antialiasing.

Serif PhotoPlus lets you remove red eye, add text, wide selection of brushes, layer masks and effects. PhotoPlus has some similar features to Photoshop, but with a more intuitive interface. The software also has tutorials and a help guide if needed.