There are now a huge number of internet explorer toolbars that can be downloaded from the web. They integrate with your browser offering additional functionality including popup blockers and instant search. We have reviewed a number of the most popular ones as each has its own “cool” features.


All the toolbars offer similar basic search features but each one has its own unique offering and these have been highlighted below. To find out more about a toolbar or to download it simply follow the link provided.

First Rate

Of course First Rate has its own downloadable search bar! This bar allows you to search using a number of selectable search engines. The bar provides quick links to First Rate��s website and also allows you to add your own search engines. You can actually add any searchable site to the bar – for example, you can add or and you can search for auctions directly from the toolbar.

Many advanced search features on this bar plus a whole heap of additional capabilities. Two cool features include the page rank that shows how important Google thinks the page you are viewing is and the auto-fill tool that automatically fills out forms for you.

Yahoo offers a toolbar that comes in three modes: Finance, Search or Companion. It offers links to games, yahoo mail and music videos!

Simple search bar with links to MSN mail and messenger

Alta Vista
Lots of advanced search options plus an excellent translation tool.

Ask Jeeves
Good search features plus a weather report you can configure for your own city and a browser zoom function.

Best feature on this toolbar is a live news ticker so you are always up-to-date on the latest world news.

This company provides site rankings based on traffic and this toolbar offers site ranking plus site recommender based on the activity of other people using the toolbar. It also provides a link to the “Wayback machine” that shows you what sites used to look like.

Complete List of Features Found on IE Toolbars

  • Audio Search
  • Auto Fill
  • Back Links
  • Blog Page
  • Bookmarks
  • Custom Search Engines
  • Dictionary Search
  • Director Search
  • Encyclopedia Search
  • Finance Search
  • Find Word
  • Highlight
  • Image Search
  • Local search
  • Map Search
  • Messenger
  • Music
  • News Group Search
  • News Search
  • News Ticker
  • Old Site Versions
  • Page Rank
  • Page Search
  • Personals
  • Popup Blocker
  • Popup Blocker
  • Portal Link
  • Search History
  • Send Link to Friend
  • Shopping Search
  • Similar Sites / Pages
  • Site Search
  • Site Traffic Rank
  • Software Search
  • Stock Search
  • Thesaurus Search
  • Translate to English
  • Video Search
  • Web Mail
  • Web search
  • Whitepages
  • Yellowpages
  • Zoom