Webpreneur Stanley K. Burrell, better known as former rapper MC Hammer, is working on a new search engine called “WireDoo”.

Shocked? Don’t be. Hammer has been in the tech game for years.

WireDoo was born of his desire to improve search through relationship-driven searches. He feels that results that go beyond generalities, that give deeper and more relative information, will greatly improve user experience.

For example, a post code search will display basic results on an area, with an area for related content. Within the Related Content section, users will find links to search results on schools, hospitals, homes, and more. Clicking on schools, for example, would bring up a broad subset of links to further information on teacher credentials, marks, student demographics, and more. Each click allows the user to drill further down into specific topics.

Hammer described how WireDoo works: “The engine crawls and the algorithm are designed in a way to get all the related information to your query, then package it consistently in one environment.” He went on, “It’s kind of thinking the way you would think. If it’s a car… it’s not just about the word ‘car.’ It’s about insurance, it’s about the specs, it’s about mileage, it’s about style. It’s about all these things, so that’s the way it works.”

Depending on how widely WireDoo is adopted, Hammer hints that it could either stand on its own, or another company could incorporate it into their offering to improve search for existing users.

His plan to enter the competitive search space pits Hammer against Google, Bing, and other established search engines, though his approach addresses perceived problems the leaders have yet to solve for users.

WireDoo is a “deep search” engine and boasts in its tagline, “Search once and see what’s related.”

Watch Hammer being interviewed at the Web 2.0 Summit 2011