Jon OstlerTechnical Director

Job Title:

First Rate

Describe your typical work day.
If I had a typical working day I’d be happy! But typical tasks during the ‘typical day’ would include an early rise, which is no problem with a four-month-old baby. Then into work early to process the backlog of e-mails! Then, typically, some sort of team meeting. I would review technical and marketing documents, attend client meetings, and oversee software development projects.

What is the best thing about working in IT?
It’s never boring. The IT industry continues to evolve at an insane pace and that can be very invigorating.

What’s the worst experience you’ve ever had on the job and how did you overcome it?
Outsourcing can have its benefits but when things go wrong it can be some time before you find out and are able to find a solution. I once has an outsourced software development project go off the rails and this was embarrassing!

What is your most glorious moment and why?
My personal moment is easy, the birth of my baby girl, it’s corny but true. Professionally, there have been many – winning awards, completing large projects early and below budget, and high profile public appearances.

If you weren’t working in IT, what would you be doing?
My two other serious career options in my teens were photography or bomb disposal!

What’s the best career decision you have made to date?
Resigning from my cushy, fast-steam civil service job and moving to New Zealand to start an Internet company.

If you could invent any technology, what would it be?
If I can have two, they would be a replacement for personal computers – something revolutionary that just works without all the set-up and support issues; and a source of safe, cheap portable power – the old “making energy from water” trick!

What (or who) inspires you?
Simple ideas that make you go, “Wow, I wish I had thought of that”. We tend to think everything simple and useful has been invented and the someone comes along with Post It notes.

What exasperates you?
I am very intolerant of incompetents or people who have low expectations of themselves.

What book of yours do you lend to people the most and why?
Being dyslexic, I don’t enjoy reading complete books and have always just stuck to technical textbooks and articles.

What makes you laugh?
I’m very sarcastic and love that sort of humour, maybe its just because I’m a Pom.

What do you prize most?
Freedom to think creatively.