Hewlett Packard have confirmed they are refocusing the company towards software; They will be exiting the PC, Tablet and Phone markets.

As a part of the refocusing, HP have bought UK software company Autonomy for £7.1bn (A$11.7bn). They are also considering selling off their Personal Systems group, the part of HP that is responsible for producing PCs, in fact it’s the worlds largest PC making business.

The move to software is quite a u turn after the company announced earlier this year that they will be putting more clout behind their mobile operating system webOS; webOS will be discontinued as a result of poor up taking of smart phones that run it.

Software has a smaller revenue stream, but creates much more profit.

So in the meantime, you can pick up a HP tablet, the HP TouchPad, which  was $498, now for a meagre A$98!!

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