Usually First Rate’s blog is focused on internet marketing thought leadership, search marketing, performance advertising, industry research and trends affecting New Zealand Business.

Today we want to write about something entirely different.

First Rate has decided, as a company, to sponsor a child with ChildFund. We are proud to be working with ChildFund to help generate awareness of the global needs that exist for saving children’s lives.

Has your company considered a donation? Why not sponsor a child?

Give a child the chance to break free from the cycle of poverty, and the opportunity to grow into a leader, innovator, teacher or worker who will bring growth and change for the better. Your sponsorship provides food, water, schooling, health care and immunisation to protect against disease. Sponsoring a child is one of the most powerful giving experiences you will ever have.

Whilst one sponsorship does not save the world, it does make a massive personal difference for our sponsored child, Faith.

Here is a bit more information about her:


Do you have the guts to raise child sponsorship at the next weekly company meeting?

Think about it.