At FIRST, we don’t often blow our own trumpet, but I want to share with you the positive feedback our Team has given in regards to our culture here.

We use a tool called TinyPulse to measure the ‘pulse’ internally and to gain staff feedback. Each fortnight the software sends out a question related to our business and culture and people respond completely anonymously, which allows us to get great, unbiased feedback and have a finger on the ‘pulse’.

The question asked to the team a couple of weeks ago was:
Do you think we’re an appealing place to work for potential candidates?

The responses were an overwhelming 100% YES!

Additional comments and reasoning provided helped tell the story. Copied below in no particular order:

  • “Good team, good reputation in the market.”
  • “Depends on what you want in a company, but we’re Industry leaders, challenging roles with opportunity for learning and growth, flat management structure, autonomous, potentially flexible working arrangements. There are no numpties and don’t appear to be any egomaniacs. Can see company is interested in looking after staff (ie pool table, fruit, feedback). All opinions are respected and welcomed.”
  • “Flat structure – lots of room to grow and be challenged, and rub shoulders with experts in digital”
  • “They will be getting great culture, expertise knowledge, skills and forward thinking people.”
  • “Table tennis, pool, magic, smarts, challenges, awesome people, going places”
  • “1. Chance to make a real contribution to not only clients but the company too.
    2. Room for creativity in approach to tasks
    3. Flat structure, ability to learn from other consultants
    4. We’re freaking awesome people!”
  • “Good work environment – good colleagues – good boss – good heating system”.

…Somehow I get bundled in with the heating system 🙂

I am proud to be part of the fantastic team we have here at FIRST!

If you would like to join us, please give me a call 021 191 2244 or reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Grant Osborne
General Manager