On 2nd March, I had the opportunity to attend a huge DJ gig in Auckland, gathering Porter Robinson, the freaky Die Antwoord, the impressive 24-years-old-Grammy-Awards-winner Skrillex and last but not the least the legendary Fatboy Slim.

I don’t say that for his age, don’t take me wrong 😉 because although his “great” age, Fatboy Slim manages to use the most of the DJing technology extremely well and wisely.

In the video below, Fatboy Slim explains how DJing evolved since his debut in the 90’s with  software and hardware that allow DJs to ‘hang around’ without having to carry on a whole orchestra!  Fatboy Slim also tells us how he imagined DJing performance when he was a kid, with videos on big screens synchronised with the music.

This is now possible thanks to solutions such as Serato Video. Serato Video is a plug-in for Scratch Live and ITCH enabling you to mix video, just like music. This allows an augmented experience for the audience and for the DJ it is a better way to share their universe through music, video and light DJing.

The result is a crazy-hypnotised-dancing crowd, just like the one at the Fatboy Slim gig in Auckland!

FIRST is proud to work with Serato on their SEO, SEM and Analytics projects and we hope our contribution will make more gigs like Fatboy Slim’s one possible!