Email Marketing Industry Statistics

The click through rates and conversion rates are highly dependent on the personalised and tailored nature of the email communication. report that where past purchase history is used to target emails, clicks go up from 3% to 5.5%. They also report that these responders are 83% more likely to buy than responders from an untargeted registration list. Click rates to e-mails targeted using browsing history increased from 3% to 30% and conversion increased from 3% to 7.5% – a cumulative increase of 2,500%.

A December 2003 survey by Intelliseek of US consumers trust in advertising showed that “Email Signed up for” had a 66% “Trust” rating, considerably higher than most other types of advertising. Notably “Email not signed up for” (Spam) has the lowest Trust rating.

Email Marketing Industry Statistics

Advantages of Email Marketing

  • Over time a depth of demographic, purchase and browse history can be captured and used to send targeted offers and communications.
  • Viral marketing campaigns are easiest to initiate from and in-house list.
  • Targeted emails return high click through rates and conversions
  • Customer loyalty and commitment can be build using email marketing

Disadvantages of Email Marketing

  • SPAM filters can intercept legitimate bulk emails
  • Recipient open rates decrease and unsubscribe rates increase if too much untargeted email is sent to a list.