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Last May 2016, I was invited to present at the Digital Marketing Masterclass held at The Langham, Auckland. The one-day conference was well attended by business owners, professional services firms and marketing teams seeking to grow their businesses and maximise the return on their marketing investment.

My presentation was focused on improving your customer experience online by designing a great company website that generates revenue.

I shared insights on:

  • Tips for improving your online customer experience
  • 6 common website mistakes that insurance brokers make
  • How to convert people browsing your site into qualified leads and clients
  • Designing your website for usability, function and effectiveness
  • How to use online surveys to mine non-converting prospects for information
  • Providing simple and easy online tools
  • Examples of great offers and calls-to-action that appeal to potential clients



I hope you pick up a lot of useful insights from this presentation on how to stay competitive and succeed online. If you’ve got questions or simply want to chat, contact me at +64 9 9201740 and let’s throw some ideas around building a strong digital marketing strategy to drive growth and generate revenue for your business.


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