Science Behind Creating Buyer Personas


Creating buyer personas will guide you in your digital marketing strategy and help you really understand who your customers are, which will mean more successful content, leading to a more targeted audience, generating more positive results!

Before creating these profiles you need to do some research. WSI World has provided us with “the science behind creating buyer personas” which provides specific details around building personas. This guide will ultimately help your team engage with the right people at exactly the right time! Some elements of the formula include:

Investigation, Research and Collect Data:

  • Web Analytics; examine metrics like bounce rates, organic traffic, page traffic, leads via social media, mobile traffic, conversion rates and referring sites.
  • Collect your own business intelligence and background data; collect data from existing user profiles, sales stats and transactions, calls and outcomes and overall sales revenue.
  • Execute Surveys; whether that be conducted through phone calls, in person or through the web. Ensuring data is varied and valuable through gender, age, geo-location, income and ethnicity.

Once you have done the background research you will be ready to create your persona starting with giving him or her a name, then analysing the data you’ve collected and defining his/her needs, followed by monitoring behavioural and demographic trends and finally creating your hypothetical customer profile.

All these necessary elements will help you tailor your content perfectly to your target audience, allowing you to engage with your various customer types, subsequently improving your online sales, revenue and ROI.




For more insight check out the “science” here.