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With 69% of online shoppers abandoning their shopping carts, there is a need to optimise the online experience of the checkout pages and process for usability to effectively increase conversions, encourage repeat purchases and gain competitive advantage.

Report overview

FIRST’s Sports Equipment Checkout Usability Report, explores the increasing focus on customer experience among ecommerce businesses in the sports equipment industry as it highlights the checkout pages and process that customers go through when purchasing online.

Using FIRST’s bespoke Conversion Experience Scoring (CXS) methodology, each ecommerce site was evaluated and scored based on the conversion best practices on its checkout pages. They were then ranked against each other to find out who’s leading in the sports equipment industry.

Furthermore, FIRST went through the entire checkout process of each site to find out how easy or hard it is to complete the purchase. Comments and screenshots of each step of the checkout process are included in this report.

Analysed Ecommerce Sites

Key Findings

  • Currently, Sports Distributors take the lead in having the most of the conversion elements on its checkout pages compared to the other online retail sites. It is closely followed by Stirling Sports.
  • Majority of the analysed sports equipment online retail sites have CXS scores of below 70%. There is significant opportunity for these retailers to improve their CXS or online conversions by having the core elements present to effectively convert visitors into paying customers.
  • Only Hart Sport doesn’t allow users to checkout as guest customers. The rest of the retailers provide an easy way to sign in, register or checkout as a guest customer.
  • Most sites have long checkout processes except for Torpedo7. Although Torpedo7 has a shorter checkout process compared to the rest, there were certain elements in the checkout sections that were missing.
  • None of the retail sites up-sell or cross-sell related or relevant products on their checkout pages
  • and more!

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Ecommerce Data and Statistics
  3. Report Methodology
  4. Summary of Findings
  5. Sports Equipment Retailer CXS Rankings
  6. Checkout Process Review
  7. Checkout Page Conversion Strategies
  8. Conclusion

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