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solarcity is New Zealand’s leading solar power company, providing a range of solar solutions to help fight the rising cost of power and stop climate change. Operating for over 35 years, they have completed over 6,000 solar installations on Kiwi homes and businesses and won numerous awards for innovation and excellence. But because their offering is a high-involvement purchase, they weren’t converting as much visitors into leads from the site. They needed help in increasing leads and closing more sales.

Key achievements

Within only 4 days, we had enough data to confirm the result with 95% confidence.

The new enquiry page created by FIRST was incredibly successful and generated over 3.3 times the number of leads. Not only that, but the rate at which visitors process through the various steps and schedule a time slot actually increased by approximately 90%.

The problem (abandoning customers)

Despite being an established and well known company in the solar power industry, solarcity knew that the user experience of their site’s enquiry page was a hindrance to sales. Because solarcity’s offering is a high-involvement purchase, customers take a longer time to make decisions and require extensive information processing.

Customer centric strategy and concrete objectives

To increase leads and close more sales, solarcity needed to increase the site’s conversion by making the information processing easier and stress-free for their customers.

Driven by user research to ensure data-backed decisions, FIRST used a combination of heatmaps, visitor recordings and form analytics to identify several opportunities to improve the sales ability of the page. FIRST then developed a new variation which incorporated a number of key changes on the following page sections:

  • Headline
  • Sub-headline
  • Form copy
  • Form fields
  • Call-to-action

Learn about the specific changes for each page section by Download the case study now

The Best Way to Optimise Site Performance

The best way to scientifically validate the impact of changes to any site is with an A/B test. FIRST implemented the changes on a free starter plan in Optimizely – the world’s leading A/B testing platform. Using Optimizely, no code changes are actually required on the site. In fact, neither our client nor their developers needed to lift a finger until we presented them with a link to view the completed variation.

The result – 230% increase in lead conversion

The result has significantly improved the website as a sales tool and will help solarcity achieve its overall sales target for the year. It also shows the power of how letting user insights shape how you communicate on your website can deliver transformative results, even without changing your existing forms or checkout process.

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