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With a great offline business and approach built over 15 years, Primepac is a leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial supplies and packaging products in New Zealand. With an increasing percentage of their market shopping online, they were faced with the challenge of replicating their offline success online.

Key achievements

From the start of the program, Primepac wanted tangible results and a return on investment. FIRST stepped up to the challenge of quickly identifying the drop off points and implementing solutions that would provide immediate results and a positive return on investment from the program.

Primepac saw an increased conversion and revenue throughout the duration of the 3-month program:

  • 1st month: Increased conversion by 1.3% + Increased Revenue by 12 %
  • 2nd month: Increased conversion by 1.68% + Increased Revenue by 14.9%
  • 3rd month: Increased conversion by 1.70% + Increased Revenue by 15 %
  • 4th month +: Continue to benefit from an uplift in conversion and revenue as the changes were made permanent

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The challenge

Oftentimes the challenge faced by businesses who do well offline is replicating that success online. For Primepac, 94% of new users who came to their website failed to complete purchases. They were clearly missing out on a huge amount of sales because customers were dropping off at critical points in the buyer’s journey and not completing purchases. Primepac approached FIRST to develop and implement a targeted CRO program that would improve the site’s user experience, increase conversion rates and grow revenue.

A smart CRO solution aligned with Primepac’s objectives

For Primepac, FIRST developed a conversion optimisation program based on customer data-driven insights that delivered immediate and significant increases in conversion and revenue.

1. Website funnel and analysis and insight

FIRST conducted an in-depth analysis of the flow of users through the website to identify the points where conversion was low. A Digital Measurement Framework was used to provide the insights to identify the critical points where small changes can lead to a maximum impact on conversions and revenue.

2. Testing, trialling and measurement

Using Optimizely, the world’s leading A/B testing platform, alternative pages with the improved features were created and tested for each page of the checkout process. By changing key elements of the pages based on user research (i.e. heatmaps and form analytics), FIRST simplified the purchase process, removed friction points and made it easier for users to flow through the conversion funnel.

3. Proactive management and continuous optimisation

The continued success of the program can be attributed to a good combination of diagnostic and analysis tools to effectively measure user engagement and interaction and data-driven insights from a team of CRO specialists to quickly develop and implement site changes in response to results obtained.

In-depth analysis and an agile ‘test everything’ approach of this type would be beneficial to any company struggling with converting online visitors into paying customers.

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