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Report overview

This is the second Checkout Usability Report from FIRST. The research looks at the conversion strategies and elements which New Zealand online shoe retailers are using for their checkout pages. This report explores how these retailers are using different critical conversion elements which are valuable for providing good customer checkout experience and improving conversion rates. It also covers a review of the checkout process of each online retailer and identifies techniques which are most valuable for ensuring a seamless checkout flow that leads to more completed purchases.

Additionally, FIRST used its bespoke Conversion Experience Scoring (CXS) methodology, to evaluate and score each ecommerce site based on the conversion best practices on its checkout pages. They were then ranked against each other to find out who’s leading in the online shoe retailer industry.

Analysed Ecommerce Sites

Below are some of the findings from the report.

Some Report Findings

  • Currently, Ecco Shoes is taking the lead in having most of the conversion elements on their checkout pages compared to the other online retail sites. They are closely followed by Number One Shoes and Hannahs.
  • Only Number One Shoes removed their main navigation bar from all the checkout pages so users can focus on completing the checkout process.
  • Ecco Shoes offer free shipping for non-clearance items. However, they don’t show this visibly on their pages. It would be good for them to prominently display this as customers would always look for ways to cut on costs when it comes to online purchases.
  • None of the online shoe retailers have visible security seals/ trust marks on the Payment page nor on other pages of the checkout process.
  • Only 3 out of 5 retailers include the the order confirmation number on the Confirmation page.
  • and more!

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