Men's Fashion Online Retail CRO Industry Report

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The homepages and category pages are the gateways that lead to increased conversions and revenue for any eCommerce business. Optimised pages play a significant role in moving customers along the buyer’s journey and assisting online purchases. Thus, there is a need for investing time and effort into making your homepages and category pages more appealing and persuasive to your target customers.

So, where do you begin?

Your goal is to make it easier for people to make a decision when they land on your pages. To achieve this, you need to provide useful and relevant information presented in a manner that takes your customers seamlessly to making a fully informed buying decision.

This industry report covers best practices for conversion elements on the homepage and category page which are most valuable for improving conversion rates. The aim is to provide you with a framework to help you invest your time and resources as effectively as possible by assessing which conversion elements are most likely to yield results.

What you’ll learn

  • Discover the core elements used to improve conversion rates based on best practices and customer insights
  • Understand how seven (7) Men’s Fashion Online Retail websites are using conversion elements on their homepages and category pages
  • Find out how each site is ranking against its competitors in terms of the presence of core conversion elements with FIRST’s Conversion Experience Scoring (CXS) bespoke analysis methodology
  • Find out which conversion elements are the strongest and weakest among the evaluated Men’s Fashion Online Retail website homepages and category pages
  • Gain actionable insights that you can use when optimising your pages for online conversions

Online Retailers included in this industry report:

Key findings from the report

  • Most of the eCommerce websites are utilising only a handful of the core conversion elements on their homepages and category pages without a structured approach
  • Online personalisation can impact conversion rates, but most are not taking advantage
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) continues to be an essential piece in any digital strategy, but few are doing it correctly

Homepage element score rankings_v3

Category page element score rankings

Download the industry report now