HOT AB test case study testimonial

Download the case study here

The A/B test implemented by FIRST resulted to:

  • 43% increase in the number of people clicking on one of the ‘Enquire Now’ buttons (primary goal) and moving down the page to the actual enquiry form
  • 7.2% increase in the number of clicks on the enquiry form ‘submit’ button

House of Travel has been helping Kiwis see the world for almost 30 years and is one of New Zealand’s most successful providers of travel experiences. House of Travel is also a leader in travel technology, offering an award winning website allowing users to compare and book airline flights and holidays in an instant and now offers the HOT travel app which gives you access to all your travel requirements, wherever and whenever you need.

Insights from analytics showed that most visitors aren’t able to see the ‘Enquire Now” button on individual deal pages. This could be negatively affecting total online Enquiries. In order to address House of Travel’s primary objectives of improving user experience, increasing enquiries on individual deal pages and increasing revenue, FIRST implemented an A/B testing program. This aimed at gaining valuable insights about their customers and improving conversions.

Download the case study here