Homeware Online Retail Industry Report – CRO 2015

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Which homeware online retailers are optimising their online conversions?

Find out which homeware online retailers are taking the lead in having the core conversion elements in their homepages and category pages to maximise online conversions.

FIRST has evaluated the homepages and category pages utilising a bespoke Conversion Experience Scoring (CXS) analysis framework to provide a relative measure of the onsite customer experience. In addition, FIRST applied its Element Group Scoring methodology to identify which category element is most present across the analysed homeware retail websites. The overall scoring shows the opportunity size the company has to address on conversion issues, to engage more visitors and ultimately increase the number of leads and sales.

Online Retailers Included in this industry report:

Key findings from this report:

  • Currently, Briscoes takes the lead in having the online conversion elements present in both its homepage and bedding and linen category page. While Farmers and The Warehouse are competing for the second and third place in the CXS rankings for both the homepage and category page.
  • Most sites have the elements under the Navigation group present but lack the elements under the Credibility group in their homepages and category pages.
  • Majority of the analysed homeware online retail sites have CXS scores below 70%. There is significant opportunity for these retailers to improve their CXS or online conversions by having the core elements present to effectively move customers along the buyer’s journey.
  • Most of the eCommerce websites are utilising only a handful of the core conversion elements on their homepages and category pages without a structured approach.

homepage rankings

Homeware Category Page Element Score Rankings

Download the industry report now