Fatso Case Study: Conversion Rate Optimisation

Which of the following two landing pages do you think had the higher conversion rate?

The long page with lots of content (version A) and relatively busy-looking text, or the short page where the main USPs are summarised concisely above the fold (version B)?

Version A

Landing Page - Version A

Version B

Landing Page - Version B

Increasing Fatso’s Conversion Rate

In this experiment, though the trial membership is free, the conversion process requires the provision of credit card details, which makes this a “high-barrier” conversion – a term First Rate uses to define conversions requiring more than trivial cost, effort or trust.

One of these two pages increased the conversion rate by 4.78% over the other – as measured in a Google Website Optimizer experiment, and had a significant effect on Fatso’s sign-up numbers and their bottom line. Which one was the winner?

To find out – Download the Fatso Conversion Rate Optimisation Case Study.