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FIRST has examined the UX implementation of three of New Zealand’s top online fashion retailers. This industry report covers key areas that pose challenges for UX optimisation in their websites. The key areas identified are: 

  • Product page images
  • Size chart and sizing information
  • Product Page Details
  • Social proof
  • Browsing Behaviour

For each key area, this report provides individual analysis for the following ecommerce sites: 

The report also offers practical testing advice designed to improve online UX and ultimately revenue. Each testing suggestion provides details on potential test methodology and technical considerations. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • Discover the distinct content buyers are looking as they go through their purchase decisions. 
  • Understand how three of New Zealand’s Women’s Fashion Online Retail websites compare to international industry leaders in their UX choices.
  • Find out which UX elements are the strongest and weakest among the evaluated Women’s Fashion Online Retail websites. 
  • Gain actionable insights that you can use when optimising your pages for online UX and conversions. 

Key findings from the report: 

  • Video is rarely used to show the way the garment moves and reacts. Of the three retailers, only Glassons uses it. 
  • Tools like Save your Size and Find Size Tool are used by international retailers but are not used by any of the 3 retailers. 
  • Reassurance elements such as environmental impact and item origin are not being used by any of the retailers. 
  • Confidence in size and fit is extremely important to users but most of the reviewed websites fail to communicate this properly. 
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) continues to be an essential piece in any digital strategy, but few are doing it correctly

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