Christmas time is by far the biggest sales period of the year for retailers. No matter what industry, retail businesses strive to seamlessly integrate their physical and digital systems to serve the growing number of omnishoppers.

With online shopping, customers don’t get to see inviting, creative window displays or feel the festive Christmas spirit through cheerful sales assistants and other in-store experiences. So, how can retailers make sure they attract a lot of eager shoppers and meet customer expectations during this critical trading period?

Christmas Shopping Online CRO Industry Report

Earlier this year, we’ve released four Checkout Usability Reports across different industries with corresponding Pre-Purchase and Post -Purchase Customer Experience Reviews for the following industries – Women’s Fashion, Department Stores, Online Shoes and Sports Equipment. You can check them out here.

This month, we are releasing a special holiday edition, the Christmas Shopping Online CRO Industry Report. In this report, FIRST evaluated ten real-life examples of Australia’s top retailers to see how they are boosting customer engagement during this peak sales period of the year through their Pre-purchase, Checkout and Post-Purchase shopping experiences. It particularly seeks to understand best practice approaches from those evaluated, along with conversion optimisation strategies that different types of retailers are adopting to increase their chances of online success.


Insights and best practice recommendations for optimising each stage of the online shopping experience and customer journey are discussed in-depth in the report.

In the Pre-Purchase Experience section, FIRST provides Ecommerce Shipping Policy and Returns Policy checklists to evaluate each online retailer and provide recommendations on how to entire more shoppers to become paying customers who are looking for the three Cs- Choices, Convenience and Communication.

The Checkout Experience section features FIRST’s bespoke Conversion Experience Scoring (CXS) methodology, to score each retailer based on the conversion elements on its checkout pages. The retail sites are then ranked against each other to find out who’s leading in having the best checkout online experience.

For the Post-Purchase Experience section, FIRST walks you through how the selected retailers keep customers engaged after they hit the Buy Now button. Recommendations on how to maximise customer satisfaction and keep customers coming back through optimising key elements are also discussed.

Analysed Online Retailers

Get the critical conversion elements to enhance each stage of the online shopping experience to better connect with your customers and grow online sales and revenue whatever time of the year.