How quality content and smart promotion drove a phenomenal amount of YouTube video views for

The Serato Icon Artist Series is a diverse, hand-picked collection of artists who represent and epitomize the Serato ethos. They include DJ”s like Fatboy Slim, Erykah Badu, Mix Master Mike and The Gaslamp Killer.

Given the popularity of video amongst the Serato and DJ celebrity fan base, as well as the reach and targeting potential of YouTube, YouTube Promoted Video was an obvious promotional platform choice to amplify and extend the reach of the Icon Artist Series Video’s cost effectively.

FIRST’s goal was to generate maximum video views whilst minimising the average cost per view (CPV).

By focusing on a few key elements, Serato & FIRST managed to gain some impressive exposure and reach, very cost effectively for the launch of the first few Icon Artist series videos.

See how with 60% less media cost, we were able gain a 145% increase in views while reducing the cost per view by 84%. In addition find key insights to help you maximise the effectiveness of your YouTube Promoted Video campaigns.

Download the full YouTube case study here

YouTube case study - promoted videos

Download the full YouTube case study