“A comprehensive submission schedule is required to maintain long term and stable search engine traffic”

There are 101 different ways to submit your site and site content to search engines. Some are free, some automatic, some manual, some require one page, some require all pages, some require daily submissions, some are weekly, some monthly, some annually, some for a one-off fee, some for an annual fee and some on a cost per click basis with amounts dependent on industry. Also the range of options and methods available is a moving target!

To cover all the top search engines, most of these methods need to be employed and adjusted on an ongoing basis. Also the cost of the submission service often has little to do with the amount of traffic the submission ultimately generates and so some care needs to be taken when allocating budgets.

Typical Activities

  • Manual submissions
  • Optimised directory submissions
  • Paid inclusion & trusted feeds
  • Optimised sitemaps & indexes
  • Live database submissions
  • Database republishing

Typical Outcomes

  • All the site’s content is indexed
  • Site’s rankings are maintained over long term
  • Site found in all the important search engines
  • Increased number of top 10 rankings
  • Increased traffic from search engines